Wordpress not updating

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While fifteen of the most installed plugins were identified and updated, there are likely hundreds of other plugins that will update soon. Website security is improved substantially by updating to the current version of Word Press, updating Word Press plugins and hosting your site on a decent server. No type of website is 100% safe from online attacks.It also helps to add extra protection using a plugin like Better Sucuri Word Press Security. But Word Press is an especially attractive target, since it is powering close to 23% of all the world’s websites. As it turns out, there’s several ways the bad guys can exploit your website for their own profit if they compromise it.We recommend using File Zilla (free, not very secure), Cyber Duck (free, much more secure) or Transmit (paid), as they will never perform directory deletion without your knowledge.Caution: If you have customized your themes without renaming them, make sure not to overwrite those files, otherwise you will lose your changes.In that time, we have only seen 5 clients have their sites compromised.

Usually, they will do reconnaissance missions first.

This means that if you are using the default backup output directory (the directory inside the folder you installed Akeeba Solo / Akeeba Backup) it will be overwritten and all of your existing backups will be lost forever.

Moreover, the configuration encryption key will be deleted and you won't be able to access your backup configuration either.

Pretty much every website of any prominence gets attacked all the time, you just don’t realize it. You don’t want the word getting around that your house is known for being easy to break into.

You cannot Over the past 10 years we helped over 1000 clients set up a Word Press site.

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