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i personally haven't given it too much thought so i don't know all the details, but i can say that career services just hired a clerkship coordinator who is supposed to be very legit from what i hear.

a lot of people end up going back to their home markets to save money on rent given that paid 1L summers are not the easiest to come by.If Duke really is trying to make themselves better in that dept it would be pretty impressive.Grant it I still have to earn a sufficient LSAT, that puts duke more on my radar if I'm in such a lucky position come fall.they are all awesome people, and everyone here is extremely tolerant and accepting.duke is by no means "the south." i remember reading awhile back that the research triangle has the most people with graduate degrees or maybe MDs or PHds per capita related to anywhere else in america (might want to double check that, but its certainly not farfetched given the # of universities and the billions in medical/pharm research that are poured into this area..med/science of course being a power player)im not sure if you're aware, but NC recently (and sadly) passed an amendment to the state constitution that bans gay marriage.

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