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However, in both cases, the process of checking the file consistency is an annoying one that slows down one’s system and so if it can be avoided, it should be.

If you simply go into Task Manager and kill Outlook.exe, or if you just push the power button on your PC to turn it off, or if (I know, this never happens) windows just flat out crashes on you, then of course it makes sense for Outlook to tell you that it didn’t shut down properly.

Control your status and view the status board with a simple email.

Easily use your mobile phone or remote computer to manage your Out’n About! Just fill out the subject line and send the email to your Out’n About email. Requires Outlook to be running on the user’s machine.

Thus, windows itself will stop Outlook from properly shutting down if Outlook does not have an open window (i.e.

visible UI on the screen) when you shut down your operating system.

The panel also contains a filter dialog which allows users to filter users by different search criteria.

Yet if he browses to the date he sees in Outlook 2010, he can see the emails listed in 2016.The “fix” for this behavior is to either: 1) Close Outlook a long time before you shut down your PC (or open task manager and make sure OUTLOOK. or 2) Leave Outlook open when you perform your Start – Shutdown procedure, and let Windows worry about closing it.If you follow either of these steps, you should not see the Outlook was not shut down properly message and you should avoid the data file / PST consistency check.Hi all, One of our users has just been upgraded to Office 2016, but is running into the issue where his search results aren't matching the search results of his old laptop running Office 2010.For example, he will search for "from:and" and Outlook 2010 will display all the correct results.

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