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Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce services provider, also made a foray into the electronic red envelope market segment through its Alipay digital payment service.

Alipay, which has an estimated user base of 400 million, handed out red envelopes worth 800 million yuan during this year’s Spring Festival Gala, an event broadcast by China Central Television on February 7.

We Chat, the Chinese messaging app, has apologised for translating “black foreigner” into the N-word.

It was noticed by Ann James, a black American director and actor who featured in China’s highest-grossing film ever, this summer’s Wolf Warrior 2.

Ms Jones recently texted Chinese colleagues to tell them she was running late.

When Ms Jones translated their Chinese response into English using We Chat’s translation feature, it read: “The [N-word] is late.” “I was just horrified”, Ms James, who has lived in China for five years, told news site Sixth Tone.

A Barclays report said Tencent “encouraged repeated usage of We Chat Pay and QQ Wallet by subsidising bank handling charges for consumer-to-consumer money transfers, which it offers to users largely for free”.

“I sent dozens of red envelopes to my friends, classmates, colleagues and relatives, and got more of these back that I could not remember the number,” said He Huiyan, a Guangzhou-based bank clerk.

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State CID chief, ACP Fazlisyam Abdul Majid said three local men, aged between 19 and 38, and a Vietnamese woman, aged 18, were arrested in the 12.30am raid.Therefore, this programme will continue until police manage to solve all the cases involving the wanted individuals,” he one of the world's most widely used social-networking platforms.Johnny Wong Kin-man, an equity analyst at Jefferies, said in a report that Weixin Pay now had more than 400 million users on the mainland.We Chat’s virtual red envelopes function was launched in January 2014, with 20 million of the de facto payment vouchers sent over the first two days of the Lunar New Year later that month.

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