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For children who are above the age of 15 or 17 and do not want to go to school, Hope organises ‘bridge-learning’ courses in Maths and English; after this they allow the kids to choose one skill they’d like to develop, which can be anything from food & beverage production to driving.

When the children turn 18, they are shifted to ‘halfway homes.’ In halfway homes, they are supported by the Foundation for six months, after which they’re encouraged to look for their own homes.

To help Hope get more children off the streets of Kolkata, donate here.

To know more about the HOPE Kolkata Foundation, visit their website.

And if a child doesn’t speak up, we leave the child alone for 4-5 days and we encourage him/her to interact with the other children.” If the child reveals during the counselling process that he/she has a strained relationship with the family, or belongs to a home with abusive parents, or was lured to the city with the promise of a well-paying job, a social worker is immediately assigned to the child’s case; this person does a home study report on the family of the child. Geeta says, “If the home study report reveals that the family situation is better than expected, then we support the family financially; we offer to sponsor the child’s education.

If the family is not in a condition to raise the child, we place the child in a school.

Some of the notable awards it has received are the Bharat Nirman award in 2007, the Good Samaritan award from the Commissioner of Kolkata Police in 2012, and the Nari Samman award in 2010.Most displaced families just become homeless and have to spend the rest of the lives on the streets.Kolkata is also a fairly cheap place to live in, so people from Bihar and Jharkhand come here to seek their fortunes but not all of them are successful.” Hope started with just 14 children who were sexually abused; they were put in a protection home.So what does the organisation do when it come across children who are orphaned or abandoned?Geeta said, “After ensuring that the child is bathed and well-fed, we take the kid to the child welfare court.

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