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It was apparently the only place the costume designers could find old-fashioned looms that would produce fabric of the correct texture.

We've seen this obsession with detail before, of course, on Band of Brothers.

The heat was sweltering, we were getting three hours' sleep at night, eating nothing but food rations, sleeping outside. The 10-month shoot was the very antithesis, Mazzello says, of a "turn up, learn your lines and leave job". It was a very intense experience, so you had to really believe in what you were making." All of which definitely seemed to float Mazzello's boat.

There were no beds, there was no running water, and people were getting injured. The cast lived in mucky uniforms, ate on the hoof, put up with a level of fatigue and comfort that mimicked that endured by soldiers in a real-life battle zone (albeit without the threat of actually being shot). "On the first day, they pulled us to one side and said, 'Here are the 10 things that can kill you on the set. I don't mean that we didn't have chairs with our names on the back of them. An earnest and enthusiastic man, who dresses like he's off to a college lecture (brown corduroy slacks, shirt, sensible shoes), he clearly takes great pride in The Pacific.

Later this year, Mazzello is due to hit cinemas in an unauthorised biopic of the Facebook founders called The Social Network, which has an A-list director, a fashionable young cast, and an intriguing plot premise which has been making headlines for some time.

Minor details were closely observed, down to the exact weave of cloth on the uniforms that Mazzello and his co-stars wore: a type of herringbone twill specially imported from India.

People almost recognise Joe Mazzello as he wanders around the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills; almost, but not quite.

You can see little cogs in their heads whirr as they try, and then mostly fail, to place him in a mental list of celebrities.

"Sometimes, strangers come up to me and ask: 'Aren't you that guy from...?

' Then they'll just stop talking, because they've forgotten what film they saw me in."The film was almost certainly Jurassic Park, in which Joe played mad dinosaur-scientist Richard Attenborough's grandson.

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