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A misty gray haze lingers above the surface of a lake, Haunting the waters last traces of warmth.

And tall slim trees make the sun shutter through shadows In gleams of fiery pulses.

My love: It envelops you like a letter, Sent to the ends of the world As one.

And eager branches reach out to one another, In a frenzy of friendly greeting.Mighty oaks drop its glistening brown offspring, Full of wondrous hopeful anticipation.Yet leaves, whose veins were once charged with illuminated vibrancy, Are beginning to dwindle and fade into a dull grim.The old woods sit in silence, listening for its long time friend, To sing a lullaby into its ears, And one can tell its whisper is stirring up archaic dreams, As nature begins to close its eyes and fall asleep.Even if we are but a dream; Then let the one who is asleep Slumber forever…

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