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But, it’s better to prepare your teen for the world of dating than not.Whether you are the parent of a teen boy or girl, you need to teach your teen proper dating etiquette.This isn’t just about holding doors open for ladies and using manners during dinner; it’s about respect, courtesy and what’s appropriate when it comes to dating as a teen.Be a good role model for your teen regarding the appropriate way to treat -- and be treated by -- the opposite sex, advises Dr.Explain to your teen why you do not want him having sex, advises Dr. Do not just tell him you don’t want him to have sex; instead, explain your reasoning behind it.Use examples, such as the statistics behind teen pregnancy, the risks of STDs, the risk of his reputation and the emotional meaning of engaging in intercourse.Tiffany Raiford has several years of experience writing freelance.Her writing focuses primarily on articles relating to parenting, pregnancy and travel.

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When your teen sees his dad treating you with kindness and respect, he is more likely to treat girls and women the same way.When he asks you about your history, don’t be afraid to share.Like a crop top or too much makeup, catty behavior instantly ages you.Go over the rules of teen dating etiquette with both your son and daughter.Inform your son that he should get out of the car and ring the doorbell of his date’s home so that he can meet her parents.

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