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The Presentation layer is the layer that directly interacts with the user.

The user must be able to assimilate the data presented to him quickly and easily through the Presentation layer and also must be able to input data efficiently into the application.

WPF is the successor to Windows Forms for desktop application development.

WPF applications differ from traditional Windows Forms applications in several ways.

They provide a container that hosts controls and menus and allow you to present an application in a familiar and consistent fashion.

Forms can receive user input in the form of keystrokes or mouse interactions and can display data to the user through hosted controls.

You can create applications easily that display alternate strings and images based on the locations of deployment.

Navigation in Windows Forms typically involves switching between multiple individual forms.

NET Framework easily to incorporate these elements as you choose.Most applications that require sustained user interaction will include at least one Windows Form, and complex applications frequently require several forms to allow the program to execute in a consistent and logical fashion.Windows Forms have no inherent support for changing styles.Each technology provides its own set of advantages and drawbacks.In this section, you will learn the primary differences between the two technologies and how to decide which is most appropriate for your business situation.

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