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Internally, a time object is stored as an integer representing a number of milliseconds.

A time object can be initialized by a text string or one to four numerical values.

The validity of a date can be checked using the function ); in the second case, the integer is interpreted as the number of days elapsed since 1/1/1970; finally, if three integers are used, they are respectively interpreted as the year, month and day for the date.

The constant is used to represent a time during the day.

When the file is closed, both input and output streams of the external process are closed then the system waits for its termination: in order to avoid a lock up of the Mosel program one must make sure that the external program ends its execution when default input and output streams are closed.

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Via the module provides an IO driver to connect a Mosel input or output stream to a program started in a different process.

Using this driver, it is possible to get the output of an external program (for instance the result of a preprocessor to feed the Mosel compiler) or implement a basic bidirectional inter process communication thanks to the .

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